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About Us



  To deliver innovative medical technologies & solutions to improve healthcare quality in Vietnam




  To become the leading scientific & technological company  focusing on bio-chemical, micro-biological laboratory and operating room in Vietnam.

  To bring medical & laboratory products to market with fast, innovative and reliable services.

  To develop strong sale & service team in the market.

     To create surplus values and benefit for employees and leaders/employers. 

Draco Sience and Technology Company limited (Transaction name is Draco Sience and Technology Company Limited, abbreviated to DRACO Co. Ltd) has:

-       Business registration address: Room 110A, D3 , Phuong Mai ward, Dong Da district, Hanoi.

-       Business licence/VAT code number: 0104690534 issuned by Planning and Investment Department of Hanoi on 08 June 2010.

-       Establishment date: 08/06/2010


Scope of business:

-       Trading in chemicals, except the forbidden chemicals.

-       Maintaining and amending machines and equipments.

-       Maintaining and amending electronic and optical equipments

-       Maintaining and amending electrical equipments.

-       Trading in computers, softwares and peripherals.

-       Trading in equipments and telecommunications electronic components.

-       Trading in agricultural machines, equipments and components.

-       Trading in other machines, equipments and components in construction, mining, medine.

-       Trading in metal and metal ores.

-       Processing mechanism and metal coating.

-       Trading promotion and recommending.


Customers list:

-       Oceanography Hydro-Meteorological Institute.

-       Chemistry Institute of Vietnam.

-       National Institute of Malariology Parasitology & Etomology.

-       Mining and Metalic Science and Technology Institute, Hanoi.

-       Viet Duc Hospital

-       Nam Dinh Industrial Zone Management Unit.

-       Thang Long Industrial Zone Management Unit – Observation Center

-       Hanoi Beverage Factory

-       Thai Binh Beverage Factory

-       Truong Xuan Paper Factory

-       Lao Cai Police.

-       Tien Nong Company.

-       Phu Tho Foodstuff College

-       Thai Nguyen Pedagogy University

-       Thai Nguyen Agricuture University.

-       Others.


Partners and Suppliers:

-       HORIBA - Japan

-       LAPTOP - India

-       HETTICH - Germany

-       BIOCHROME - England

-       HUMAN - South Korea

-       MECASY - South Korea

-       GBC - Australia

-       ELTRA - Germany

-       FUNKE GERBER - Germany

-       MERCURY - Germany

-       CLEAVE – England


Our commitment:


Prestige, Quality & Highest Satisfaction to Customers.