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Berlinger Group

Company profile

We have maintained our traditions for 150 years. One in particular: progress.

New ideas open new doors. That has been our belief for 150 years. It was in the middle of the idyllic Toggenburg countryside that Johann Georg Berlinger in 1865 laid the foundation stone of our company history – in the form of a weaving shop.

Today the name Berlinger stands for innovative technology and retail products and for internationally standardised doping control systems. And above all else for openness, quality and fairness. We, the sixth generation of Berlingers to head the company, are proud to be able to carry the values and traditions of our family business into the future.

"With pleasure we invite you to work together with us on joint ideas, develop them further and lead them to future success. Let us be your reliable longterm parter and profit from our know-how, our expertise and our strong and broad international network in the field of industrialisation of divers electronic or industrial products."

Thank you for your trust.