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Continual Measurement of Volume, Temperature and Speed

Model: IMR 100

To determine the mass flow in CEMS systems for large combustion and waste incineration plants.Measurement of exhaust gas velocitygas volume and the gas temperature are obtained.

The IMR 100 is the ideal and cost efficient tool for this task.

The differential pressure probe with integrated PT 100 thermocouple is easily installed in the flue gas duct with a 1“ weld-in threaded connector.

The analyser electronics with built-in display is mounted on the probe to allow easy on-site checks. The measuring values are transferred to the data evaluation computer by analogue 4 … 20 mA signals. The operation of the IMR 100 is almost maintenance free.

The advantages of the IMR 100

  • Probe and electronics in one compact unit for easy installation.
  • Display of flue gas volume in norm conditions
  • Easy on-site check on the built-in display
  • Evaluation unit in IP 65 housing
  • Measuring data as 4 … 20 mA signal
  • Approved by the German TÜV for appliations in large combustion plants and incinerators
  • TÜV registration No. 936/21200495/A. The IMR 100 complies with EN 14181.